What to expect

church auditoriumWhen you visit our services for the first time

We are a friendly group of people….

We enjoy having guests, and we hope to make you feel welcome.

Before the service begins….

You are our guest, and we want you to relax and be blessed by the teaching and preaching of God’s precious Word. We are not interested in what you are wearing nor whether you give financially to our church.  We are interested only in being a blessing to you. You may sit in any pew you choose; no one in our church has their “own pew.”

We have a nursery that will meet your needs….

Small children are more comfortable in our nursery, where they have nice toys to play with. At least two ladies will care for the children.  Parents are welcome to stay with their children in the nursery.  The nursery is available for all services.

Children’s classes….

In Junior Church the children enjoy a cheerful songtime followed by a Bible lesson. After the lesson, the children color or take part in activities that reinforce what they have learned. The children will be given an accompanying “Take Home Paper” about the Bible story.  Parents are welcome to observe the children’s class, which is offered every service.

During the service….

There will be a short welcome from our pastor, and then he or the song leader will lead us in singing inspiring hymns as well as lively choruses. After the song service, the Pastor will bring a message from the Word of God.  There are Bibles in the pews for anyone who needs one. Since the pastor reads the Bible passages to us, we do not have responsive readings in our services. The entire service lasts about an hour.


There is a small parking lot in the back of the church, which holds several cars if we park two rows deep. Pull forward in that lot, so someone else can park behind you. There is a possibility of being parked-in for a short time in that lot, so you may prefer to park in front of the church on Old Berwick Road, which has parking available on both sides of the street. A handicap ramp is located at the side entrance off Old Berwick Road.

Our Tract Room….

In our tract room just inside our front entrance you will find Bible lessons, pamphlets, and CDs to freely take. Many guests enjoy reading the stories of people who found peace and joy when their lives were changed by our Lord Jesus Christ.   You can read some of those stories online here as well.