I could not please God

My name is Thomas Anger, and this is my story. I have grown up my whole life in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Since I was a young child I attended church services at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church every Sunday and Wednesday. I lived what some might consider a “sheltered life.” I was sheltered because I was not exposed to certain things like drugs, alcohol, smoking, rock music, etc. I also attended the Christian... read more

I have learned to give God control

My name is Holly Anger, and this is my story I was raised in a fundamental, independent Baptist faith, taught the Bible from a young age, memorized Bible verses and was taught to pray. I knew all the facts of the Baptist heritage, knew some of the Word of God, told people that God created the world, and even became angry with those who questioned my religion. Until one day as I became older, I started to... read more

I am going to a better place

A place where I will have a mansion, and the streets are of pure gold! My name is Carol Reiter, and this is my story: In my early teenage years, my family and I began attending a Bible preaching church every Sunday.  We even attended the Wednesday night prayer meetings. Although I was attending church often, I was far from God.  When I was about 15 years old, the pastor preached a sermon on John 3:16,... read more

I was smiling on the outside, but so miserable on the inside

My name is Sara Laidacker, and this is my story: One of the earliest memories I have is of my grandma teaching me songs about the Bible and Jesus. Although she died when I was five, my parents continued to take me to the Bible-believing church that my grandma had so loved. Going to church was fine with me during my grade school years, but when I entered my teen years, I wanted to sleep late on Sunday... read more

My search is over

My name is Darla Belles, and this is my story: I grew up in a good moral home. The Methodist church we attended did not mention anything about hell, so I was not concerned about where I would spend eternity. My family and I attended church every Sunday morning, and I was involved in the youth activities.  I thought I was a pretty good person, and if anyone would go to heaven, I would. One night my family... read more

I was about to throw away the greatest opportunity of my life

I’m Pastor Craig Laidacker, and this is my story: When I was 7 years old I began attending a country church.  I was baptized, I was confirmed, and I sang in the choir. I also memorized dozens of Bible verses, because the person who memorized the most verses earned a small New Testament.  I went to the country church for 8 years and never missed a Sunday, yet my heart was not right with God. I did not know... read more

I was on the wrong path, but God showed me the way

My name is Richard Hill, and this is my story: As far back as I can remember the Lord was watching over me and protecting me. One day as a child of 4 or 5 years old, I was riding in the back seat of the car which in those days did not have safety locks.   My parents were riding in the front seat, and my mother turned to speak to me. To her horror I was not there!  Realizing that I had fallen out of a... read more

God did a miracle in my heart

My name is Jim Appelman, and this is my story: When I was three years old I got hit by a car and as a result spent 63 days in traction in the hospital. Although I was critically injured, I survived to adulthood where I went through a couple of failed marriages and three heart attacks by the age of forty-two. Well, here we are at fifty years old, and I start to evaluate my life. Why am I here? Why am I... read more